2016 Annual Report

Attached is the 2016 Annual Report for the Police Department. 2016 Annual Report

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St. Albans Police Department is Accepting Applications

Are you between the ages of 18 and 40?  Have you thought about a career in law enforcement?  Are you a military veteran and were or are about to be honorably discharged?  Can you pass a background check?  If so, the St. Albans Police Department is accepting applications for Probationary Police Officer through August 18, 2016.  St. Albans Police Department has at least two (2) vacancies and will be having retirements over the next two years which will need to be filled.

Applications may be picked up at City Hall (1499 MacCorkle Avenue) or the Police Department (51 6th Avenue) between the hours of 8am and 4:30pm.  The application packet can also be downloaded using the link below:

Police Department Application 2016

Applications MUST be turned in no later than 4:30pm on Thursday, August 18, 2016 to the City Clerk’s Office at  St. Albans City Hall at 1499 MacCorkle Avenue.  Those returned by mail MUST BE RECEIVED BY August 18, 2016 AT 4:30PM.  Preference points are given for the following:

  • Veterans of at least two years of active duty service in the US Armed Forces and are/about to be honorably discharged
  • Two or more years of college education with a major course of study in law, criminal justice, or police administration (or related fields)
  • Two or more years of prior police experience

The following information MUST be submitted with the application:

  • Copy of a High School Diploma
  • Copy of Birth Certificate
  • Copy of a VALID Driver’s License
  • DD-214 if applicable

If you are seeking preference points for college education or prior police experience, you must attach this information as well (diploma, transcript, police identification).

The Physical Ability Test will be given at the St. Albans Police Department on Saturday, August 20, 2016 at 8am.  It will consist of the following current WV State Police Academy entrance standards:

  • 18 strict push-ups within on minute
  • 28 strict sit-ups within one minute
  • 1.5 mile run within 14:36

Explanations and how to train for the test can be found on this document:  WVSPA PAT Training

Applicants MUST pass all three standards to pass the Physical Ability Test.

Those passing the physical ability test will be invited to take the written test on Wednesday, August 31, 2016 at 6pm at the Hansford Senior Center located at 500 Washington Avenue in St. Albans.

Those passing the written exam will be placed on a list of eligible candidates in order of their scores.

The testing process is being conducted and supervised by the St. Albans Police Civil Service Commission.

Salary scale for base pay is:  Hire – $31,324     Year 1 – $32,822     Year 3 – $34,403     Year 5 – $36,046  (note this is base pay…with the built in overtime on the 12-hour shifts expect each of these salary listings to be at least $5000 higher)

Benefits include:

  • medical insurance with free eye and dental
  • police pension, all equipment issued
  • department issued smartphone (upon completion of the Academy)
  • take home car (upon completion of the Academy and subject to distance restrictions)
  • longevity pay (begins receiving at 6th anniversary of hiring)
  • 12-hour rotating schedule (every other weekend off after completion of Academy)
  • built-in overtime (8 hours per check upon completion of the Academy while working the 12-hour schedule)
  • overtime paid for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in a week
  • paid every 14 days
  • off-duty employment opportunities
  • overtime detail opportunities
  • special investigation opportunities (drug unit assignments & Special Enforcement Unit)

The City of St. Albans is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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*UPDATE* We need your help?


At about 8:50pm on Saturday, July 9, 2016, officers with the Saint Albans Police Department responded to the 200 block of MacCorkle Ave, Saint Albans, WV in reference to a fight call.  Upon arrival, officers learned that two of the males involved in the altercation were attempting to detain a male who had just stolen money from an area restaurant.  Near the beginning of the investigation, officers recognized the male as the potential suspect in which Saint Albans Police were searching for an incident that occurred at another establishment in the city earlier in the day.  The male was identified as Michael Shawn Billups of Salt Rock, WV.  Billups was transported to an area hospital from the scene due to injuries received prior to police arrival.  After being released from the hospital, Billups was arrested and taken to South Central Regional Jail to await arraignment on charges stemming from both incidents. 

The Saint Albans Police Department would like to thank the public for their help and attention to this matter.

All persons arrested are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.



car2 pic2 register

Do you recognize this person? The Saint Albans Police Department needs help identifying suspect.

On Saturday, July 9, 2016, the Saint Albans Police Department responded to a call at a business within the Saint Albans Mall in which a white male had entered the establishment and asked the cashier for change for a dollar.  The cashier opened the register to make the change and the male reached across the counter and grabbed money from inside the register and fled the business.  The male got into a newer model white sedan, possibly a Hyundai Sonata with tinted windows and black rims.  The vehicle was being driven by a female and fled the scene via the access road in front of Kroger.  The possible license plate number for the suspect vehicle is NTG153.


If anyone recognizes the male or has any information contact the Saint Albans Police Department at crimetips@saintalbanspolice.com or 304-348-8111.  The Saint Albans Police Department can be contacted Monday-Friday 8am-6pm at 304-727-2251.

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Fugitive From Justice Arrested

William L. Bayliss

William L. Bayliss

A little after 6pm on Tuesday, June 14, SAPD officers and the US Marshals Service arrested William Lee Bayliss as a Fugitive From Justice from North Carolina.  Local US Marshals working with North Carolina authorities, tracked Bayliss to a relative’s home in the 15oo block of Kanawha Terrace.  He was arrested without incident at this home.

Bayliss is charged in Carolina Beach, NC with 1st Degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor and 2nd Degree Sexual Offense.  The victim is a 17 year old female.  The alleged offense occurred on July 1, 2007.  Bayliss has been on the run since the warrant was issued in November 2013.  Bayliss is 32 years old.

Bayliss will be arraigned at Kanawha County Magistrate Court.  He will be lodged at the South Central Regional Jail  pending extradition proceedings.

All persons arrested are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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National Drug Take Back event and Spring Clean-Up

NTBI 2016

Begin your Spring Clean-Up this Saturday, April 30th from 10am to 2pm, the St. Albans Police Department is hosting another drug take back event!  People are encouraged to bring their unused, unwanted, or expired medications to the Department at 51 6th Avenue so they can be safely disposed of.  Bring prescriptions*, over the counter meds, vitamins, or even pet meds!  This safe disposal system keeps the medications out of the hands of those who may abuse harder prescriptions.  It also protect kids who may mistakenly take something.

If you’ve recently had a loved one pass or a recent change in medication, events like this will give you peace of mind so you can get any pain medicines out of your house!

Also at the police department, the Cell Phones for Soldiers organization will be collecting unwanted cell phones or tablets.  They will be refurbished and distributed to deployed soldiers.

Finally, back by popular demand, KnightHorse Shredding will return to collect any old documents you want shredded.  Do you have old bills or check stubs from the 70s?  Do you want to hide the fact you wrote a check for a pet rock in 1974?  Bring any of those documents down and they’ll be completely shredded.

All of this kicks off at 10am on Saturday, April 30th.  It ends at 2pm, so don’t delay!  Spread the word!  THIS SATURDAY AT 10AM!!!

*NO NEEDLES CAN BE ACCEPTED!  Liquid medicines can only be accepted if in the original container.  Remove or obliterate all names from any bottles for further peace of mind.  Pills or capsules may be removed from original containers and all placed in one unmarked container.

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DUI Checkpoint

There will be a DUI checkpoint on Friday April 15, 2016.  It will be from 7pm to 1am in the Loop area of St. Albans.

It will be staffed  by officers from St. Albans Police Department and Deputies from the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department.

Funding for the check point is provided by the Governor’s Committee on Highway Safety.

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Arrest for Possession of Stolen Car

Michael S. Jarrett

Michael S. Jarrett

At about 6pm on Saturday, March 19, Sgt. P. A. Bass attempted to stop a green Jeep Liberty in the area of Kanawha Terrace and Green Valley Drive.  The registration plate on the Jeep belonged on a Chev S-10.  The driver of the Jeep did not immediately pull over, instead he proceeded to MacCorkle Avenue before finally pulling over in the 6500 block.  The driver was noticed reaching under the seat.  When requested, the driver did not produce an operator’s license, instead handing over a WV non-driver’s identification.   When the VIN on the Jeep was checked, it was revealed the Jeep was listed as stolen from the Dunbar area.

The driver, Michael S. Jarrett was arrested and charged with the felony of Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.  In the future, he will possibly face further misdemeanor charges related to drug possession and license/registration related offenses.  He was taken to the South Central Regional Jail to await arraignment.  Jarrett is 44 yoa and from Dunbar.

All persons arrested are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


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Attempted Phone Scams reported to SAPD

SAPD received five reports today of attempted phone scams.  A caller, claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service, called five different St. Albans residents telling them they owed money to the IRS and demanded payment on the spot of face criminal action.  None of the persons called gave them any money.  All reported they remembered previous publicity about this and similar scams which caused them not to fall for it.  Caller ID showed the offenders were calling from a 801 area code, which is in the Salt Lake City, UT area.  With technology available, however, the offenders could be anywhere in the world.  All reported the offender had a foreign accent.

This is one of many scams offenders try over and over again.  The IRS scam seems to pop up during the tax season every year.  People should realize real IRS employees will never call people and demand money in this way.

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Attempted Robbery at Sun Trust Bank

Chester Wayne Cyrus Jr.

Chester Wayne Cyrus Jr.

On February 20, 2016 at 12:56 pm, officers were dispatched to the Sun Trust Bank which is inside the St. Albans Kroger at 1439 MacCorkle Ave. for a hold up alarm.  Metro Dispatch advised officers a male had just approached a teller and demanded  $10,000 be placed in a bag and added that if she complied no one would get hurt.  The suspect had presented the teller with ID in the name of Chester Wayne Cyrus Jr. in an attempt to cash a check on his account.  The suspect left the bank after cashing the check.  Officers arrived on scene and spoke with the teller who was EXTREMELY upset.
Officers ran Cyrus’s name over the radio and an officer with another agency recognized the name and was able to make contact with the suspect’s daughter who said they had just been at the bank.  She agreed to bring her father back to the back and a short time later the suspect was taken into custody outside of Kroger. The suspect admitted to telling the teller to put $10,000 in a bag and she wouldn’t be hurt but said he meant it to be a joke.  He was processed and taken to jail to await arraignment.
Cyrus is 43 years old and is from Lincoln County.


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Convicted Felon Charged with Pawning Guns

Michael W. Collins

Michael W. Collins

Michael W. Collins (39 y.o.a. from St. Albans) was charged on Friday with three counts of Prohibited Possession of a Firearms after allegedly pawning a gun on three separate occasions during the month of December 2015.  An investigation revealed Collins pawned a firearm on December 4th, December 16th, and December 22nd all at the Kanawha Valley Fine Jewelry & Loan at 101 MacCorkle Avenue in St. Albans.

Sgt. P. A. Bass obtained a warrant for the arrest of Collins on the evening of Friday February 5th.  He was arrested without incident at his residence on Friday at about 9:30pm by officers of the St. Albans Police Department including the department’s Special Enforcement Unit.

Collins was convicted of a felony drug charge on March 11, 2014.  Since this underlying felony charge is a drug charge involving marijuana, under WV state law it is ONLY a MISDEMEANOR for person with such a conviction to possess a firearm.  He faces a fine of 90 days to 1 year in jail and/or a fine of $100-$1000 fine.

The investigation continues.  Consultation will be sought with the US Attorney’s Office regarding possibly charges under Federal law which would be a felony.

All persons are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


(If the earlier drug conviction involved any other Schedule I drug besides marijuana, any Schedule II or III drug,  a felony crime of violence, or a felony sexual offense,  possession a firearm under WV state law would be a felony and punishable up to five years in jail and/or a fine up to $5000.)

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