Attempted Phone Scams reported to SAPD

SAPD received five reports today of attempted phone scams.  A caller, claiming to be with the Internal Revenue Service, called five different St. Albans residents telling them they owed money to the IRS and demanded payment on the spot of face criminal action.  None of the persons called gave them any money.  All reported they remembered previous publicity about this and similar scams which caused them not to fall for it.  Caller ID showed the offenders were calling from a 801 area code, which is in the Salt Lake City, UT area.  With technology available, however, the offenders could be anywhere in the world.  All reported the offender had a foreign accent.

This is one of many scams offenders try over and over again.  The IRS scam seems to pop up during the tax season every year.  People should realize real IRS employees will never call people and demand money in this way.

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