SAPD Recognizes Our Veterans

St. Albans PD recognizes it’s members who are veterans of our armed forces.  These officers who have served our country, CONTINUE to serve your community.

Lt. Mark Burdette:  US Air Force (deployed overseas in support of Desert Storm)

Detective Kevin Elkins:  US Air Force (deployed overseas to Saudi Arabia)

Detective Todd Lowe:  WV Air National Guard (several deployments to combat zones as air crew)

Detective Brandon Perry:  US Navy (overseas deployment in support of Iraqi Freedom)

Lt. Philip Smith:  US Army and WV Army National Guard (deployed to Iraq during Iraqi Freedom performing hazardous convoy duty)

Ptl. Brandon Tagayun:  US Army and WV Air National Guard

Sgt. Richard Thomas:  US Marine Corps (Participated in combat operations during Desert Storm)

Sgt. Ricky Tincher:  US Air Force, WV Air National Guard, US Naval Reserve  (deployed several times to combat zones as Security Forces and POW Transport)

Ptl. Daniel Wyatt:  US Marine Corps (Participated in combat operations during Iraqi Freedom)

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DUI Check Point on Saturday Evening

The St. Albans Police Department along with the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department and the Governor’s Committee for Highway Safety will be conducting a DUI Check Point on Kanawha Terrace and Green Valley Drive.  It will be on Saturday, November 1, 2014 from 7pm to 1am.

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DUI arrested after hitting unmarked police vehicle on Wednesday, October 22nd

VLUU L100, M100  / Samsung L100, M100

At about 10:45 am on Wednesday, October 22, a car driven by Debra Ann Creighton (31 y.o.a. from St. Albans) struck an unmarked St. Albans Police Department vehicle in the area of 9th Avenue and 3rd Street.  The vehicle, an unmarked Chev Tahoe, was by the side of the road with Chief Mike Matthews as he supervised Community Service participants from the St. Albans Municipal Court.  Ms. Creighton was driving by when she struck the Chev Tahoe.

After the crash, she attempted to drive away.  When she stopped, officers noted she had a far away stare and was laid back in her car seat.  Her responses to officer questions were extremely slow.  Her speech was slurred.  She denied drinking, but admitted to just having taken a Xanax tablet about 45 minutes prior.  She said she has a prescription.  She also claimed to be headed to work at an area nail salon.

She failed three sobriety tests and she was taken to a hospital after she consented to a blood test.  After subsequent questioning, she admitted to also taking other prescriptions including Suboxone.  She was charged through St. Albans Municipal Court and transported to South Central Regional Jail after failing to make bond.  Throughout the incident, she insisted she was not impaired in any way and was fine to drive.

Ptl. Sheila McCuskey was the arresting officer.

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SAPD Participates in Two-County Warrant Round-Up

Beginning early this morning (October 16, 2014), St. Albans PD joined a massive effort in both Putnam and Kanawha County to attempt to serve 75 arrest warrants and 3 search warrants.  As of 1:30pm, 78 people have been arrested and the three search warrants have been executed.  The sweep continues and more search warrants and arrests are expected in both counties.

One of the search warrants was served on 10th Street in the City of St. Albans and a kevlar vest, ammunition, and various drug paraphernalia was recovered.  Two arrests for Municipal Court capias were served there.  Other arrests and charges are possible.

The list of entities participating in today’s round-up are:

·         Metro Drug Unit (Chas. PD, Kanawha Co. SO, South Chas. PD, Nitro PD, St. Albans PD)

·         Metro Drug Unit – Putnam Task Force (Putnam Co. SO, Hurricane PD, St. Albans PD)

·         Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department – STOP Team / SWAT Team

·         Charleston Police Department – Special Enforcement Unit / SWAT Team

·         South Charleston Police Department – Special Enforcement Unit

·         St. Albans Police Department – Special Enforcement Unit

·         Dunbar Police Department

·         Putnam County Sheriff’s Department  – Street Crimes / Entry Team

·         U.S. Marshals Service

·         W.V. State Police

SAPD was pleased and excited to join these area agencies in this concentrated effort.

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DUI Driver Arrested At Over 4 times the Legal Limit

Aaron C. Southern

Aaron C. Southern

On Friday, October 3 at about 7pm, Ptl. P. A. Bass pulled over a car for swerving in to on-coming traffic and almost striking two cars on Pennsylvania Avenue.  After stopping the car, Ptl. Bass detected an odor of alcohol on the driver’s breath.  In response to the question if he’d been driving, the driver, Aaron Southern (31 y.o.a. from St. Albans) responded “too much.”  The driver was slow in his responses for paperwork on his car.  He failed one field sobriety test and declined to do any more.  His operator’s license is suspended by the State of South Carolina.

Southern was arrested.  While being processed, an Intoximeter test revealed Southern’s blood alcohol at .367%.  Southern has been charged with Driving Left of Center, Driving on a Suspended Operator’s License, and Aggravated DUI.  His bond has been set at $500 through St. Albans Municipal Court.

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National Drug Take Back Event

This Saturday, September 27 from 10am to 2pm, St. Albans Police Department will be participating in the National Drug Take Back Event.  People can bring their unwanted, unused, or expired medications for proper and safe disposal.  These medications can be prescription, over the counter, or even pet medications.  Liquids should be in original containers, but NO NEEDLES CAN BE ACCEPTED!

Now is the time to clean out that medicine cabinet.

Our event is being held on the parking lot of St. Albans Police Department at 51 6th Avenue.

Hope to see you there!

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Arrest made in Murder Investigation

Michael Benbow

Michael Benbow

In the early evening of Friday September 12, an arrest warrant for First Degree Murder was served on Michael Benbow (24 yoa).  This warrant was served in the City of Charleston by officers from several agencies.

This warrant charges Benbow with the death of Micah Burdette on Tuesday, September 9.  Information leading to Benbow’s arrest was a result of the tips received from several law enforcement agencies as well as the public at large.
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Name Released in City Park Death

The identity of the deceased person found in SA City Park was Micah Burdette (20 y.o.a. from St. Albans).  He is from St. Albans.  Preliminary autopsy results showed the cause of death was homicide.  Final results are pending.

The investigation continues.  If anyone has any information regarding the death of Micah Burdette, please call 304-727-2251 during regular business hours or after hours call 304-348-8111.

People can also email: at any time.


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Deceased Male Found in City Park

At around 7:30pm, a hiker called 911 to report a person down in one of the parking areas of the St. Albans City Park.  The first officer on scene arrived with Kanawha County Paramedics to discover the man was deceased.  The cause of death is unknown, but the death is being investigated.

Detectives from the Kanawha Bureau of Investigation were called to the scene along with Detectives from the Special Enforcement Unit of St. Albans PD to begin an investigation.  The KBI consists of detectives from the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department, Nitro Police Department, Dunbar Police Department, and St. Albans Police Department.

The male is about 20 years old and has been identified.  His next of kin are being spoken too, but his name will not be released tonight.  His body was taken to the State Medical Examiner’s Office and all officers cleared the scene around 10:20pm.

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Grandparent Scam being used locally

For the third time in two days, SAPD has received word of the Grandparent Scam being used locally.  Yesterday, a woman reported an elderly family member had possibly been scammed out of money.  The scammer was able to con the person out of $16,000.  Another elderly gentleman was conned out of $2500.  The way the scam usually works, is someone calls impersonating a grand child saying they are in jail and they need money for bond.  Often without checking, money is sent.  It is either wired or in the case yesterday, the man went to Wal Mart and put money on a Green Dot card and furnished the card number when the scammer called back.  The other victim wired money from K-Mart to New York.

In today’s case, an elderly couple from Putnam County came to SAPD inquiring about a grand child having been arrested.  They provided the same story as yesterday’s victims.  We told them they were being scammed and NOT to send any money.  They assured us they would not and they would take the time to reach their grandson  who lives out of state to confirm he is OK.

Area law enforcement has been contacted regarding this scam.  None have been reported using this same specific technique, however Hurricane Police informed us they had three cases of a person calling people identifying themselves as IRS agents and telling them they owed back taxes.  They were told to wire money to cover the taxes.

If ANY ONE calls you demanding money for some incarcerated loved one or for back taxes, do not just send money without checking things out.  First, the IRS will not demand payment over the phone for any reason.  They have a legal process which will be followed.  Most people are well aware when/if they owe back taxes anyway.

Regarding the distress scam, if you receive such a call, you should verify the identity and location of the grandchild claiming to be in trouble.  You should hang up and call another family member who can confirm your grandchild’s whereabouts.  Try calling your grandchild at the telephone number through which you normally reach him or her.  Stay calm and avoid acting out of a sense of urgency.  Do not wire money unless you have verified with an independent third party that your grandchild is truly in trouble.

In addition, never give out any personal identifying information such as bank account or credit card numbers to anyone who calls you on the phone.  As with all phone scams, con artists will lie, cheat, steal, and make up plausible stories to convince you to wire money or divulge sensitive information.  The callers are often professional criminals who are skillfully able to get you to wire money or give personal information before you have time to properly assess the situation.

For more information, go to:

News Story from April 2014:


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