Traffic Stop Leads to Drug and Concealed Pistol Charges

William E. Bowen

William E. Bowen IV

On Monday, March 16 at about 10:20pm, a gray Ford Escort was stopped by Ptl. D. D. Griffith after the officer discovered the registration on the car was improper.  After the stop, the driver could not provide any registration or insurance on the car.  Acting extremely nervous, the officer asked the driver to step from the car.  When he did, a small pistol was discovered under the driver’s seat by Ptl. Griffith.  After being taken in to custody, four Clonazepam pills were found in the driver’s pants pocket.

The driver, William E. Bowen IV (29 yoa from Rand) was charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, Carrying a Concealed Dangerous & Deadly Weapon w/o a Permit, Improper Registration, and No Insurance.  He was processed and eventually lodged in the South Central Regional Jail on a $7,500 bond.

These are allegations only.  All people are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court  of law.

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Plea Deal Reached in Armed Robbery of El Dorado Bar

In November of 2014 at shortly after 3pm, the El Dorado Club was robbed gunpoint.  The offender fired a shot just inside the bar prior to fleeing in what was believed a small red car.  The original press release is here:

After a lengthy investigation involving tips given to St. Albans Police Department, a warrant was obtained last month for First Degree Robbery on Joseph Michael Eads (30 y.o.a. from St. Albans area).  Yesterday in Kanawha County Circuit Court before Judge Charles King, Eads accepted a deal and entered a plea of Guilty for the First Degree Robbery.  The deal called for a 15 year sentence which was handed down by Judge King.  Eads was immediately taken in to custody from the court room.

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Lockdown Drills Scheduled

As part of our continued effort to assist and support our local schools, we have been asked by the Kanawha County Schools to monitor and participate Lockdown drills at schools in our City.  In the coming months, we have several drills scheduled.  These drills are an effort to keep YOUR children safe.  These drills test both the staff and students on what procedures they need to perform in the event of a Lockdown.  Some of these procedures are simply an extension of a Shelter-In-Place drill that’s been in place for years as a response to chemical emergencies.  These drills will have minimal impact on the school day.

In the event of a REAL Lockdown, you as parents will likely be notified via the Kanawha County Schools notification system.  If your child’s school goes on a REAL Lockdown, do NOT call the school as you will only clog the phone lines.  These phone lines NEED to be kept open for emergency calls.  We also encourage students who may have cell phones to not all call home at once.  It has been noted at many emergencies that cell towers can quickly become overloaded which impede emergency responders for better doing their jobs.  Finally, in the event of a REAL Lockdown do NOT to to your child’s school.  The building will be in Lockdown and you will not be able to get in to the building.  If the emergency is serious you may not be able to get to the area of the building and you will only clog traffic and prevent emergency responders from getting to the scene and handling the situation.

Many schools have social media accounts like Twitter and/or Facebook.  We encourage school administrators to release information on those accounts during any emergency so parents can be kept informed.  This agency also has Twitter and Facebook and can release information during an emergency.  We are all parents too and we understand the desire to take care of your child.  However, there may be a small period of time in which there is no information to give and parents may not know what is going on.  This will be true in any emergency.  Please be patient with the schools and police as they will be doing their best in a tense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving situation.  We all want to give out information as quickly as possible, but we want that information to be ACCURATE!


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Annual Report for 2014

2014 Annual Report

Training Summary 2014

Items of note:

  • Continued decrease in reported crashes in the City during 2014
  • Decrease in reported crimes
  • Increase in arrests
  • Increase in activity from our Special Enforcement Unit
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Warrant Obtained for Stolen Credit Card Used at K-Mart

Earlier today, Sgt. Dan Wyatt obtained a felony warrant for Timothy “Bobo” Ward (32 yoa from Buffalo, WV).  The warrant is for Fraudulent Use of an Access Device.  His whereabouts are unknown, so if anyone is aware of his location they are asked to contact their local police agency.  We also ask Ward to turn himself in.

SAPD was bombarded with phone calls, emails, and other messages since last week.   Of the 30+ such communications received, all but four identified the man in those photos as Ward.  We wish to thank everyone for their help.


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Credit Card Fraud Suspect


KMART 1-18-1015 2K-MART 1-18-2015KMART 1-18-1015 3

On January 18, the white male in the red cap pictured above attempted to use a stolen credit card at the St. Albans K-Mart.  The purchase was denied.  The card was stolen from Kelley’s Cafe in Nitro the previous night.  Cards from the wallet have been used at several locations in the St. Albans/Nitro area and in Putnam County.

The suspect left the store when the purchase was denied.  He left in a white sedan, also pictured above.  There was another male and a female with long blonde hair also in car.

If anyone has any information regarding the identity, please notify Sgt. Dan Wyatt at St. Albans PD.  He can be reached at the office at 304-727-2251 or via departmental email found on our website:

Those wishing to remain anonymous can email:


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Arrest Made in robbery of St. Albans Cleaners

Pamela Payton

Pamela Payton

Earlier today, SAPD made an arrest in the January 12 robbery at the St. Albans Cleaners.  Pamela Payton (48 yoa from St. Albans) was arrested and charged with 1st Degree Robbery.  She gave a confession citing drug problems as the motive.  She also said her conscious was weighing heavily on her this week.

Payton was identified as a suspect within minutes of the robbery.  She was stopped walking nearby by Deputy Yost of the Kan Co Sheriff’s Department who had responded to assist and Lt. Marc Gilbert.  She fit the description but only had a few dollars on her and no gun.  But, she lived less than two blocks from the Cleaners so officers went back to speak to her.  Information was developed that day and since which lead to a search warrant being obtained today for her apartment.  She admitted her guilt and lead officers to where the ski-mask was hidden in her apartment and to the dumpster where she had thrown away the “gun” which was actually a BB pistol.

While at the Department getting processed, Payton gave a formal statement admitting her guilt and her actions that day.  Officers believe she did in fact brandish the BB gun presenting it as real.  Most of the cash has been recovered.

Payton was remanded to the South Central Regional Jail on a $75,000.

All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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Armed Robbery at St. Albans Cleaners

At about 9:55 am today, a person believed to be a woman, went in to the St. Albans Cleaners and brandished a handgun and demanded money.  The employees complied and the offender left the store through the alley behind the store.

A K9 was brought to the area to attempt a track.  Area surveillance cameras are being sought out to see if the offender was caught.

The offender is believed to be a very skinny woman.  A ski mask was worn as well as a black hoodie sweatshirt and blue jeans.  A relatively small amount of money was taken.

If anyone has any information on this robbery, please contact St. Albans Police Department at:

304-727-2251 (regular business hours)

304-348-8111 (after hours)

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Robbery @ Spruce Street Go Mart

At about 5:04 am on January 8, a robbery was reported at the Spruce Street Go Mart located at 2801 MacCorkle Avenue.  The cashier said the suspect held a note up to the window that said “I’ve got a gun, don’t be a hero, give me all the money, wait 10 minutes before you call the cops”.  The cashier said he gave him the money from the register and the suspect fled towards Spruce Street in the darkness.  The suspect was wearing a black mask, dark sunglasses, gloves, a black hoodie, and jeans.  The cashier was able to see enough of the face around the sunglasses to say the suspect was white.  The suspect was around 5-10 to 6-00 and about 145 lbs.

A K9 from Nitro PD was asked to assist by attempting to track the male.  Sgt. Tim Jarrell from Nitro PD and his K9 was able to track the scent to a trailer in the trailer park just outside the city in the 2900 block of Kanawha Terrace.  The trailer was searched by officers and no one was inside.

If anyone has any information as to the identity of this offender, please contact St. Albans Police Department at:

304-727-2251 (regular business hours)

304-348-8111 (24 hour dispatch)

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Man Arrested for Domestic Violence against his 79 year old mother

Clarence Lee Kendrick

Clarence Lee Kendrick

Today at about 2:45 pm, St. Albans Police Department was dispatched to a reported domestic violence call at a home in the 2200 block of Adams Avenue in St. Albans.  Officers discovered a 79 year old woman, Margaret Kendrick, with a visible knot on her left temple, a bloody nose, and abrasions on her right arm.  Also at the residence was the accused, Clarence Kendrick (59 yoa from St. Albans).  He said he had come over to his mother’s house earlier in the day.  The two had an argument over Ms. Kendrick’s dogs, which according to her escalated to her son attacking her.

When she attempted to call 911, he allegedly broke both phones she tried to use.  He admitted to responding officers to attacking his mother.  Ms. Kendrick was taken to Thomas Memorial Hospital.  Her injuries are not thought to be serious.  Mr. Kendrick was arrested for Domestic Violence and will be arraigned at Kanawha County Magistrate Court.  He does not live with his mother.

Ptl. Sheila McCuskey is the arresting officer.  Lt. Mike Dlugos assisted in the investigation.

All those arrested are to be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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