Annual Report for 2013 of the St. Albans Police Department

2013 Annual Report for St. Albans PD

Of note in the report is the following:

  • 69% increase in all arrests
  • 144% increase in felony arrests
  • 78% in grand larceny reports
  • 48% increase in citations
  • 17.5% decrease in crashes

Working with our citizens like in our Neighborhood Watches, helps the St. Albans Police Department become more proactive.  Some of the increase in these numbers are due our citizens seeing and reporting crime.  A big way you can help fight crime in the City is to join your local Neighborhood Watch.

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Daytime Burglary, Gunshot fired at Witness, Police track suspects through the snow

Craig A. Scott

Craig A. Scott

At around 8:30 am this morning, SAPD was dispatched to a report of a Daytime Burglary and Gunshots in the area of the 700 block of Spring Street.  Officers arrived to speak with a man who said he discovered his neighbor’s house broken in to.  He became suspicious when he watched two males walk in to his neighbor’s yard.  When he want to investigate, he found a door had been forced open.  He saw the suspects leave.

When he followed them, one turned and fired one shot in his direction from a handgun.

When SAPD arrived, officers were immediately directed by the witness to the footprints in the freshly fallen snow.  Officers followed these footprints to a residence in the 700 block of Cunningham Street on the other side of the alley.  Through a window, officers we able to see a male hide some item under a chair.  Two males in the home were secured while a search warrant was obtained.

Acting on this search warrant, officers found a 22 pistol under the aforementioned chair.  They also found a laptop computer, other electronics, and checks belonging to the victim.

Arrested were Craig A. Scott (24 yoa from St. Albans) and a 16 year old juvenile.  The juvenile was the one who fired the shot according to the witness.  They were both charged with Daytime Burglary.  The juvenile is additionally charged with Watnon Endangerment.  Scott was taken to Kanawha County Magistrate Court for arraignment.  The juvenile will face a detention hearing.

All persons arrested are to be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

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Update on Death Investigation

Regarding the death investigation of Nancy Lynch which began the evening of January 27.

An autopsy was performed on Ms. Lynch.  The Medical Examiner determined the cause of death was homicide.  Specifically, by stabbing.  For the time being, no further information will be released regarding the specifics of the stabbing or the time of death.

In the time since Ms. Lynch was discovered, detectives from St. Albans Police Department have been working around the clock on this case.  They’ve been assisted by detectives from the Kanawha Bureau of Investigation.

During the investigation, it was discovered jewelry had been stolen from the Lynch home.  It was found in a local pawn shop.  The person who pawned this jewelry was Megan M. Hughes (27 yoa from St. Albans).

Ms. Lynch owned two automobiles.  They were not at the Lynch home when she was discovered.  They were both put in NCIC as stolen.  One of the cars, a 2008 Toyota Camry was recovered very early Wednesday morning in Charleston by detectives from SAPD, KBI, and officers from Charleston Police Department.  The person who had been driving the car was Timothy P. Shafer (28 yoa from St. Albans).  In his company was Megan Hughes.  The two are in a romantic relationship.

The second car, a 1991 Toyota Camry has also been located in the Sissonville area.

Ms. Hughes was arrested and charged with Transferring/Receiving Stolen Property regarding the jewelry.  Shafer is being charged with Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.

The investigation continues in to the death of Nancy Lynch.  Many in the community have come forth with helpful information.  If anyone else thinks they have any information regarding her death, please contact the St. Albans Police Department.

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Suspicious Death

Last night a little after 9pm on Sunday January 26, SAPD received a call to respond to the 2300 block of Jefferson Avenue regarding a deceased person.  The resident of the house was found by acquaintances who were concerned because they hadn’t heard from her.  Within minutes of officers arriving on scene, detectives from the Special Enforcement Unit of St. Albans PD were notified.  In addition, the Kanawha Bureau of Investigation was requested to assist.

The resident was Nancy Burdette Lynch (66 yoa from St. Albans).  Her exact cause of death cannot be determined, nor can the time of death.  She was taken to the Medical Examiner’s office for an autopsy.

Due to the unknowns, her death is being treated as suspicious and our detectives will be investigating indefinitely.


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Larceny from Local Restaurant

Around 9pm tonight, a male went to Lorobi’s Pizza along US60 in St. Albans.  He placed an order and while the staff member was in the back preparing the food, he opened the cash register and stole most of the cash.

He left the store in a car headed west on US60.  The car is described as a Mini-Cooper, either White or Silver with a large blue racing stripe running along the middle of the hood and roof.

The suspect is a white male in his 30′s.  He had short & light colored hair, a white or light gray t-shirt, was about 5-10 and 140-150 lbs.

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Police Pursuit: One arrested, one at large

Christopher Matheny

Christopher Matheny

Keith Hubbard

Keith Hubbard

While on patrol during the evening of January 16, 2013 at about 9:15pm, Ptl. Phil Bass attempted to stop a Pontiac Grand Am for defective equipment.  The car evaded and then refused to stop when Ptl. Bass got behind the car.  The car pulled in quickly behind the St. Albans Moose Lodge in the former town of Jefferson and stopped by the railroad tracks.  The male driver and male passenger got out of the Grand Am and fled on foot.  Ptl. Bass chased and caught up with the passenger.  During the foot pursuit, both of them rolled down a hill in to a back yard where Ptl. Bass gained control of the man, known to him as Keith Hubbard (38 yoa from St. Albans).

The driver fled and wasn’t able to be found despite the best efforts of assisting SAPD officers and personnel who came to assist from Nitro PD, South Charleston PD, and the Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department.  During this area search, SAPD was notified the Grand Am had just been stolen from Wilson Avenue in St. Albans.  Apparently, the car had just been stolen a few minutes before Ptl. Bass attempted to stop it.

Mr. Hubbard admitted the driver was named Christopher Matheny (40 yoa from Belle).  He wanted Hubbard to take him to buy marijuana.  He agreed and said Matheny picked him up in the Grand Am.  A check revealed Matheny was on parole for a conviction in WV for 2nd Degree Robbery and Fleeing in a Vehicle.  His parole officer was contacted.  Ptl. Bass obtained warrants for Grand Larceny and Possession of a Stolen Vehicle.  If anyone knows Matheny’s location, they are to call their local law enforcement agency.

Hubbard was charged with Fleeing on Foot and transported to Magistrate Court for arraignment.

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Crash results in Drug Arrest

Kareem D. Robinson

Kareem D. Robinson

At about 3am this morning, SAPD responded to a single vehicle crash on Highland Drive in the area of Elm Street.  Officers arriving in the area found a man walking away from the crash.  Lt. P. C. Smith stopped and talked to the man to see if he was the driver.  He admitted to being the driver.  Lt. Smith immediately noticed he as carrying two mason jars and a beer.  In the mason jars was a green leafy substance that had the appearance of marijuana.  This substance was later field tested positive for marijuana.  The amount was about 2.4 pounds of marijuana (including the weight of the jars).

The driver was arrested and charged with Possession with Intent to Deliver the marijuana.  His name is Kareem D. Robinson (33 yoa from Charleston).  He was taken in to custody without further incident and lodged in the South Central Regional Jail pending arraignment.  According to the Regional Jail website, he is on a $15,000 bond and is still in jail at this time.

Ptl. P. A. Bass is the investigating officer.

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Crash Sends Four to Hospital

At about 11:35pm, two cars collided at the intersection of 5th Street and US 60 last night.  Witnesses state a car driven by Sheila Gibson (54 yoa from St. Albans) turned left off of US 60 on to 5th Street in the path of a car driven by Natalie Thomas (35 yoa from Cross Lanes).  Both Gibson and Thomas were taken to CAMC General with non-life threatening injuries.

Thomas had two children in her car who were her sons.  Jacob Hughey (12 yoa) was alert and conscious and told officers he was not wearing a seat belt.  He was sitting up front and received a broken femur among his injuries.  He was also taken to CAMC General.  His injuries aren’t thought to be threatening.  His brother, Caleb Hughey (11 yoa) was seriously injured and was sitting in the back seat.   He may not have been sufficiently belted in.  Due to his injuries, it is thought he only had a lap belt on.  He was taken to CAMC General where he was still in ICU early this morning.

Charges are pending, likely against both drivers.  Thomas had a suspended drivers license for 3 unpaid citations and driving with no insurance.  No insurance proof could be found on the car she was driving in the crash.

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Prowler Call Results in Arrest

At about 2:42 am on Sunday January 12, 2014, SAPD was dispatched to a residence in the 2600 block of Bard Ave where the resident reported two males in the back yard.  They had left prior to arrival.  While still checking the area 10 minutes later, officers saw a male walking in the area.  When an officer attempted to talk to him, the male bolted and ran.

This male was found again in the 2600 block of Morrell Ave.  He continued to run and evaded again before being seen in the 2500 block of Washington Ave.  He continued to run before being found hiding up against a house in the 2500 block of Monroe Avenue.

The male, Stanley Jason Barnette (32 yoa from St. Albans) was found with several cards and ID belonging to a resident of the 2600 block of Bard Ave.  When officers checked that address, they discovered a car had been broken in to and the purse missing from the car.

He was arrested for Transferring/Receiving Stolen Property, Obstructing an Officer and Fleeing.  During a search incident to the arrest a small amount of what field tested positive for Methamphetamine was found on his person.  He was charged with Possession of Methamphetamine as well.

All the charges are misdemeanors.

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Happy New Year! Make it safe and legal!

As a reminder, it is illegal to serve or provide any type of alcohol to any person who is visibly intoxicated.  Regardless if it is a bartender at a business, clerk in a store, or you at your party.

WV Serving Intox Persons

Ring in the New Year safely.  Here are the numbers of local taxi services from the Yellow Pages.

C&H Taxi:  304-344-4902

Exress Cab Company:  304-757-3422

Teays Valley Taxi:  304-421-8124

To report a suspected DUI, call 911 and give your location and direction of travel.  The call-taker will likely want you to stay on the line until officers can respond.  Safe roads are EVERYONE’S responsibility.

Happy New Year!

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