Robbery near 6th Street and US 60

David D. Wiley

Joseph C. Young

Stephon J. LeMaster

A around 8:30pm tonight, a woman ran to SAPD officers directing traffic at Riverfest saying three men pushed her boyfriend to the ground and stole a string bag from her that contained her purse.  Bike officers out on Riverfest duty and SAPD road patrol units located three suspects.  One of them, Stephon J. LeMaster (19 yoa from St. Albans area) was wearing the string bag on his back.  The bag still had the purse in it.  The other two suspects, Joseph C. Young (21 yoa from St. Albans area) and Daavid D. Wiley (20 yoa from St. Albans area) were also located.

Statements were taken from the victims.  Young was said to have initially approach the couple with Wiley tripping the boyfriend pushing him to the ground.  When he was down, LeMaster was said to forcibly take the string bag from the girl.

All will be charged with First Degree Robbery which is a felony.  The male victim only received some slight abrasions.  His girlfriend was uninjured.  Ptl. P. M. Farry is investigating.

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Suicidal & Distraught Woman leads SAPD on pursuit

SAPD was dispatched to Dean’s Pawn shop on US60 at about 2:30 pm today.  Clerks there say a woman came in to the store attempting to buy a handgun.  She was distraught and apparently told the clerks she wanted to kill herself.  They refused to sell her a gun.  She responded to by attempting to climb over the counter to get at a gun.  They forcibly removed her from the store and called 911.  She got into a car, a description of which was provided to 911.

A responding officer passed this car as it was headed east on US60.  It was thought she may be headed to another local gun store.  Another officer went there and waited.  Sure enough she showed up outside St. Albans Gun & Archery.  When a trafffic stop was attempted, she took off and led officers on a short pursuit.  She drove down a dead end street of the 2500 block of McKinley Avenue where she stopped the car.  She wrapped her arm through the steering wheel and refused to get out of the car.

The woman, 53 years old from Putnam County, weighs over 200 lbs.  Officers used the TASER in order not to injure her by forcibly removing her.  She was quickly subdued after the TASER use.  An ambulance was called to transport her to Thomas Hospital for a mental evaluation.  Her husband was called from his employment.  He said she’s been off her medication recently and has just lost her job and couldn’t find other work.

Due to the medical nature, SAPD is not releasing the lady’s name.

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2 Tornado men arrested for Attempting to Cash Stolen Check

Michael Atkins

Dustin Rutledge

Today shortly after noon, SAPD was dispatched to the B B & T Drive-thru for two men in a car attempting to cash a stolen check.  Michael Atkins (24 yoa from Tornado) and Dustin Rutledge (23 yoa from Tordado) were arrested and charged with Forgery and Uttering.  The account holder, the grandmother of Atkins, had reported the check to her bank as stolen.  It is believed they did cash one on Friday, June 7.

Both were lodged in the South Central Regional Jail on $25,000 bonds.

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Traffic Stop yields Wanted Sex Offender

David L. Engle

While on patrol, Ptl. Phil Bass stopped a car for speeding on US 60 at about 10:15 am.  The driver did not have a driver’s license, so Ptl. Bass asked the passenger if he had a driver’s license.  The passenger gave it to him adding that he thought he was wanted.  A check of NCIC revealed this was the case.  The passenger, David L. Engle (38 yoa from the St. Albans area) had an outstanding warrant for 2nd Offense Failing to Register as a Sex Offender.  He had been convicted of a First Offense on 12-15-2006.  The warrant stems from a recent sex offender verification round up conducted back in January 2013.

Engle has been lodged in the South Central Regional Jail on a $25,000 bond.

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Man Struck and Killed by Train

At around 1pm today, Michael R. Pierson (55 yoa) from St. Albans was struck and killed by an east bound CSX coal train.  Witnesses say Pierson was sitting beside the track as the train approached.  He stood up and appeared to stumble when trying to walk across the tracks but fall across the rails.  It is believed he was killed instantly.  This happened just east of the CSX railroad bridge across Coal River just west of the B Street crossing behind the Gateway Shopping Center in St. Albans.

Sgt. M. T. Page is investigating.  CSX Investigators were summoned to the scene.  All CSX trains are equipped with cameras on the front of their trains.  They record video and audio.  Video of this incident will be shown to SAPD officers early next week.  No wrong doing on the part of the train crew is suspected.

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Meth Lab found upon attempt to serve Circuit Court Capias for Meth charges

Richard D. Keil

During the late evening of May 31, 2013, SAPD officers Lt. Marc Gilbert and Det. Jake Dent attempted to serve a Circuit Court Capias on Richard D. Keil (41 yoa from St. Albans).  The Capias was for failing to appear on charges of Operating a Meth Lab and Possession of Precursor Chemicals for Manufacturing Meth.  They went to his residence on Edgehill Drive in St. Albans.  When they knocked, there was no answer.  Officers could see lights on and hear voices inside.  Despite continued knocking, they received no response.  Since it was a Circuit Court Capias, officers are permitted to enter the residence if denied entry.  They opened a door and detected a strong chemical odor they know from experience is associated with Meth lab operation.  Wanting to have proper protective gear on in case it was a Meth Lab, they backed out and called other officers to watch the house while a search warrant was obtained for the home as a possible Meth lab.

While on the way back to the home with the Search Warrant, Keil walked out of the home and was immediately detained.  During the search, officers found Iodine Tincture, bottles of Heet (gas-line anti-freeze), tubing, a bottle of Drano, Nail Polish Remover, a glass beaker, a funnel, coffee filters, some cold medicine, and numerous matchboxes with striker plates removed (source of red phosphorus).

Keil was arrested on the Capias for failing to appear on the other meth related charges and was charged again for Operating a Clandestine Drug Lab.  His bond was set at $25,000 on the Drug Lab charges from last night, but he has no bond on the Circuit Court Capias until he appears before Judge Bloom.  Det. Lt. Marc Gilbert and Det. J. M. Dent are investigating.

The house has since been condemned and boarded up by the St. Albans Building Office pending appropriate clean-up as mandated by WV State Law.

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Man High on Meth Arrested for Daytime Burglary

David A. Pettry

Yesterday (5/21) at about 5:10 pm, a man who admitted he was high on methamphetamine attempted to enter a residence in the 2000 block of 7th Avenue near St. Albans High School.  Resident reported the man was beating on the back door of her residence and had gained entry to the basement of her house.  The back porch was fully enclosed and the man was still there when officers arrived.  He was holding a large hunting knife and hatchet in his hands when confronted by police.  He did comply with verbal commands, however and was arrested without incident.

The man, David A. Pettry (28 yoa from Miami, WV) admitted to officers he was high om meth and was just trying to find someone to help him.  The resident of 7th Avenue heard Pettry in the basement before entering the enclosed porch.  He was pounding on the door and at one point exposed himself to the resident who was inside the house.

Pettry was arrested for Daytime Burglary.  He was processed and taken to Magistrate Court for arraignment.  Detective J. M. Dent is the arresting officer.

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SAPD Welcomes New Officer

Ptl. Stout taking the oath from Mayor Callaway with Chief Matthews looking on

At Monday night’s City Council meeting, Adam Stout from Parkersburg was sworn in as the newest police officer for the City of St. Albans.  He is already a certified officer, coming to us from Parkersburg PD.  This means he will hit the streets very quickly beginning with field training.  His first day will be on May 13.

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Bridge Closure Has Reduced SA Car Crashes

The closing of the Dick Henderson Bridge, aka SA/Nitro Bridge, has shown a very visible impact in one area.  A reduction in car crashes.  From January 1, 2012 through April 30th, 2012 we had 17 car crashes in the US 60 & 3rd Street intersection areas.  During the same period this year, we have only had one crash in that area.

Crashes are down in other areas of the City as well.  SAPD has reported 40 fewer crashes city-wide in the first 4 months of 2013 than the same period in 2012.  This benefits the citizens of St. Albans as it frees up officers to patrol more.  Regarding reduced crashes at the US 60 & 3rd Street intersection areas, this frees up at least two officers as crashes in this area are usually more serious in nature and the area experiences a much higher volume of traffic.  Crashes in the middle of the intersection itself will often involve 3 or more police officers, at least 2 pieces of fire department apparatus, and at least one ambulance.  These crashes can take up to an hour to clear up also.

Having only one crash in this area has kept these personnel and equipment available for other emergencies.

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National Take Back Initiative

The National Take Back Initiative returns to St. Albans with another opportunity for you to properly dispose of your unused, unwanted, or expired medications.  Bring them to St. Albans Police Department this Saturday, April 27 from 10am to 2pm to drop them off.  We will take medicines that are over the counter, pet meds, or even scheduled pain narcotics.

Many families have medicines left over from a loved one that has passed away and are looking for a way to properly dispose of them.

We will take pills, capsules, patches, or liquids.  If you bring liquid medicines, please keep them in the original containers.  Remove or obliterate any personal information on any labels.

There is a 5K race going on, so feel free to stay and watch.

The National Take Back Initiative is a nationwide program sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration to help curb prescription drug abuse and clean the environment.  Flushing medicines down the toilet increases the chemicals needed to treat waste water to make it safe.

For more information on the program or to search for other drop off sites in the area, go to:

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