Wanted Man Arrested during Investigation

Larry Parker

Larry Parker

On Tuesday September 17, 2013 the St. Albans Police Department’s Special Enforcement Unit was conducting surveillance in the 2800 block of MacCorkle Avenue in St. Albans, Kanawha County, West Virginia.  Detectives encountered Larry Parker from Detroit, Michigan and discovered he was listed as a fugitive in three different states.  He was wanted in Detroit MI on weapons charges, Woods County OH for three drug related charges and Atlanta GA for Domestic Violence related charges.

Parker also had eleven (11) Opana pills in a clear plastic baggie at the time of his arrest.  Parker was arrested and transported to the St. Albans Police Department for processing.  He will be extradited back to the State of Ohio to appear on his outstanding charges.  Authorities in Detroit declined extradition.  Authorities in Georgia wouldn’t extradite from this far north.

The St. Albans Police Department will file felony charges against Larry Parker at a later date related the pain medication found in his possession at the time of his arrest.  The driver of the vehicle Larry Parker was a passenger in was also arrested and charged with driving on a revoked driver’s license.

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Petit Larceny Arrests

Alecia Sanders

Alecia Sanders

Raymond Gartin

Raymond Gartin

On Sunday, Sept 8, 2013 at about 4:47pm, SAPD received a call regarding a stolen ladder on Lakeview Drive in St. Albans.  The victim witnessed the offenders and the vehicle they left in, a dark colored Chev Trailblazer with a “lost tag” notice on the rear of the vehicle.  Responding officers passed the suspect’s vehicle and it was stopped on Pennsylvania Avenue near 9th Avenue.

There were two ladders seen in the vehicle after it was stopped.  One belonged to the victim who called, the other was connected to another home on Pennsylvania Avenue.  That victim hadn’t yet discovered the theft.

The occupants of the car were arrested.  They are Raymond Gartin (31 yoa from St. Albans) and Alecia Sanders (27 yoa from St. Albans).  They were each charged with Petit Larceny and taken to jail on a $500 bond.

This suspect vehicle is similar to one identified by victims as being involved in several similar thefts in the St. Albans area over the summer.


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Checkpoint Friday Night

St. Albans Police Department will be having a checkpoint on Friday August 23 beginning at 7:00pm.  It will last until about 1:00 am.

It will be in on US 60 (MacCorkle Avenue) in near the east end of the City.
The checkpoint is funded by the Governor’s Committee on Highway Safety.  Nitro Police Department will be assisting us with the checkpoint.
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Meth Lab & Wanted Fugitive Found on Traffic Stop

At around 5 pm today, Ptl. D. Meadows and Ptl.P. Bass pulled a car over for running a stop sign at 5th Avenue and Park Street.  In the car was a woman driving and male passenger.

When the car pulled over, it was noticed the male passenger was acting extremely nervous.  He was asked to step from the car when he was wouldn’t show one of his hands which was between the seat and center console.  He had to be forcibly removed from the car.  During this, he wouldn’t open one of his hands.  When he did, a small bag of pills fell out.  He was handcuffed without further incident.

The female was detained with no incident.  In the back seat of the car was what obviously appeared to be a possible meth lab.  A special team was called out to handle that part.

A small amount of powder that appears to be methamphetamine was found as well as what appears to be Sudafed in an altered state.

The male passenger, Earl W. Elliot (40 yoa from Charleston) was found to be wanted in Highland County Ohio for failing to answer an indictment for Drug Lab charges near a Juvenile.  Besides a Fugitive from Justice, he will be facing local charges for Operating a Clandestine Drug Lab and Possessing the Sudafed in an Altered State.  Future misdemeanor charges of Obstructing an Officer and Possession of Methamphetamine may be forthcoming.

The driver, Kristina Rose James (28 yoa from Charleston) will also be charged with Operating a Clandestine Drug Lab.

Both will be arraigned shortly in Kanawha County Magistrate Court.

Ptl. Meadows is a recent hire and is in the latter stages of Field Training Phase.  Ptl. Bass is his training officer.

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Sobriety Check Point This Weekend

This Friday, July 19, 2013, St. Albans Police Department will be having a sobriety checkpoint from 7pm to about 1am.  The checkpoint will be in the Loop Area near B Street and Kanawha Terrace.

Kanawha County Sheriff’s Department and Nitro PD will be participating as well.

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Meth Lab Arrests at Two Locations last month

Margaret Beitz (arrested 6-19-2013)

After a 3 month investigation by St. Albans PD’s SEU, Margaret Beitz (28 yoa from St. Albans) was arrested at her 919 Jackson Road address for Meth Lab charges.  After numerous neighbor complaints, officer observations, and investigation, Beitz was arrested on June 19.  The house was condemned as a hazard.  Inquiries by the St. Albans Building Officer revealed Beitz was not a lawful resident of the home as it had been auctioned off due to delinquent taxes several years ago.  The building office is attempting to contact the current lawful owner.   Beitz has a previous conviction for meth related charges and remains in jail on a $15,000 bond.

During the search of that home, evidence was uncovered that helped the SEU with another Meth Lab bust.  A house at 2117 Wilson Avenue had also been the subject of numerous neighbor complaints of the past several months.  On June 27, SEU and other SAPD officers  busted a working Meth Lab at this home.  Jason M. Racer (31 yoa living at 2117 Wilson) was arrested that day.  He was also involved in the Meth Lab found at 919 Jackson Road.  He remains in jail on a $5000 bond.

Jason M. Racer

Arrested on Wilson Avenue along with Racer were Donald D. Messer (31 yoa from Hurricane), Mylissa V. Messer (28 yoa from Hurricane, no relation to Donald) and Ashley L. Keiffer (28 yoa from Poca).  Donald Messer remains in jail on a $5,000 bond and was on parole for meth lab related charges.  Mylissa Messer was on probation on a felony conviction for Fraudulent Use of an Access Device.  She remains in jail as her probation has been revoked.  Keiffer, who also has a previous conviction for meth related charges, remains in jail on a $5,000 bond.

Donald Messer

Mylissa Messer

Ashley L. Keiffer

SAPD wishes to thank the citizens of St. Albans that continue to give us information regarding suspicious activity.  We thank them for their patience as drug investigations in particular take time.

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Robbery near 6th Street and US 60

David D. Wiley

Joseph C. Young

Stephon J. LeMaster

A around 8:30pm tonight, a woman ran to SAPD officers directing traffic at Riverfest saying three men pushed her boyfriend to the ground and stole a string bag from her that contained her purse.  Bike officers out on Riverfest duty and SAPD road patrol units located three suspects.  One of them, Stephon J. LeMaster (19 yoa from St. Albans area) was wearing the string bag on his back.  The bag still had the purse in it.  The other two suspects, Joseph C. Young (21 yoa from St. Albans area) and Daavid D. Wiley (20 yoa from St. Albans area) were also located.

Statements were taken from the victims.  Young was said to have initially approach the couple with Wiley tripping the boyfriend pushing him to the ground.  When he was down, LeMaster was said to forcibly take the string bag from the girl.

All will be charged with First Degree Robbery which is a felony.  The male victim only received some slight abrasions.  His girlfriend was uninjured.  Ptl. P. M. Farry is investigating.

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Suicidal & Distraught Woman leads SAPD on pursuit

SAPD was dispatched to Dean’s Pawn shop on US60 at about 2:30 pm today.  Clerks there say a woman came in to the store attempting to buy a handgun.  She was distraught and apparently told the clerks she wanted to kill herself.  They refused to sell her a gun.  She responded to by attempting to climb over the counter to get at a gun.  They forcibly removed her from the store and called 911.  She got into a car, a description of which was provided to 911.

A responding officer passed this car as it was headed east on US60.  It was thought she may be headed to another local gun store.  Another officer went there and waited.  Sure enough she showed up outside St. Albans Gun & Archery.  When a trafffic stop was attempted, she took off and led officers on a short pursuit.  She drove down a dead end street of the 2500 block of McKinley Avenue where she stopped the car.  She wrapped her arm through the steering wheel and refused to get out of the car.

The woman, 53 years old from Putnam County, weighs over 200 lbs.  Officers used the TASER in order not to injure her by forcibly removing her.  She was quickly subdued after the TASER use.  An ambulance was called to transport her to Thomas Hospital for a mental evaluation.  Her husband was called from his employment.  He said she’s been off her medication recently and has just lost her job and couldn’t find other work.

Due to the medical nature, SAPD is not releasing the lady’s name.

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2 Tornado men arrested for Attempting to Cash Stolen Check

Michael Atkins

Dustin Rutledge

Today shortly after noon, SAPD was dispatched to the B B & T Drive-thru for two men in a car attempting to cash a stolen check.  Michael Atkins (24 yoa from Tornado) and Dustin Rutledge (23 yoa from Tordado) were arrested and charged with Forgery and Uttering.  The account holder, the grandmother of Atkins, had reported the check to her bank as stolen.  It is believed they did cash one on Friday, June 7.

Both were lodged in the South Central Regional Jail on $25,000 bonds.

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Traffic Stop yields Wanted Sex Offender

David L. Engle

While on patrol, Ptl. Phil Bass stopped a car for speeding on US 60 at about 10:15 am.  The driver did not have a driver’s license, so Ptl. Bass asked the passenger if he had a driver’s license.  The passenger gave it to him adding that he thought he was wanted.  A check of NCIC revealed this was the case.  The passenger, David L. Engle (38 yoa from the St. Albans area) had an outstanding warrant for 2nd Offense Failing to Register as a Sex Offender.  He had been convicted of a First Offense on 12-15-2006.  The warrant stems from a recent sex offender verification round up conducted back in January 2013.

Engle has been lodged in the South Central Regional Jail on a $25,000 bond.

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