St. Albans Police Department

Patrol Division

Patrol Division

The backbone of any Police Department is the road patrol division. Officers start their career in Road Patrol and submit requests to be considered for a specialized unit. Like all officers within the State of WV, they are certified by the State’s Law Enforcement and Professional Standards Program. All are graduates from the WV State Police Academy. 

All officers begin their careers in the Patrol Division. Many officers prefer this assignment, and it is not uncommon to have an officer spend his entire career in the Patrol Division. The work is diverse and forms the backbone of any law enforcement agency. Officers in this division are responsible for traffic enforcement, motor vehicle crash investigations, preliminary criminal investigations, and of course, response to all emergency calls.

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Officers in the Patrol Division also perform many community outreach functions by participating in local events and programs. There are (4) four shifts Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta Shifts. All shifts have a Shift Commander, Shift Supervisor, and Patrolman. Shifts rotate each month. Day Shifts start at 07:00 – 19:00. Night Shifts start at 19:00 – 0700.

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